O.A. Represenative

The Wewanoma Lodge is currently working on building the weakest program in our Lodge, the Troop OA Representative Program.  The Troop OA Rep is a vital tool for communication between the Lodge and/or the Scouting Unit.  Each Unit (Troop, Team) should have an assigned Troop OA Rep.  If your unit does not currently have this vital office filled, the Lodge would like to ask that you please help us in this task, and get the ball rolling, appoint a Troop OA Rep.  If anyone needs any help getting the Troop OA Rep program started in their unit, please contact Lodge Chief, Justin Armstrong by email at  chief@wewanoma.org.  Please adhere to the 2 deep leadership rule and CC: your scoutmaster and/or parent. 

OA Rep Patch
What does a Troop OA Rep Do?
The most basic tasks of the Representative will be to coordinate service opportunities within the unit, to coordinate unit involvement with the Order of the Arrow, including Unit Elections, Camp Promotions, and Inductions, and request lodge and chapter resources to help meet unit needs.
Who is eligible to be a Troop OA Rep?
Anyone in the unit who is under the age of 18 can serve as the OA Representative for the unit, provided he is a dues-paid member of the Order of the Arrow. He should be appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader or Varsity Team Captain, and will be a member of the Patrol Leaders’ Council and attend lodge and chapter meetings.
Can the Troop OA Rep Leadership Position be used in advancement?
Yes, the Troop OA Rep is a recognized position in the BSA Handbook, and can count towards Star, Life and Eagle Ranks.  In Accordance with the Wewanoma Lodge Bylaws, a Scoutmaster should ask the respective Chapter Adviser if the Troop OA Rep has fulfilled his responsibilities prior to giving any leadership credit.

If you are a current Troop OA Rep, please submit your information to the Lodge Chief, and help keep our records up to date.  Anytime your information changes, or the person in the Troop OA Rep Office changes, please come back, and complete the form again.  We will then update your information.


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