Scoutmaster Specific Training

Who should take this training?

New Scouts BSA Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters (highest-ranking adult volunteer leader working with youth in a Scouts BSA Troop). 

Why should I take this training?

You’ve taken on the role of Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster; thank you! It’s a big responsibility but you’re not in it alone: all of your Troop Committee wants to help you be successful and run a fun program for all the Scouts in your troop. The best way to start is to get trained with the basic information you need.

Scoutmaster-Specific Training introduces you to everything you need to know about running a Scouts BSA Troop, which is different from a Cub Scout Pack. In particular, you and your fellow adult leaders are now in more of a “mentor” position where your job is to help your youth members learn and practice leadership. While this training will not answer every single question you have, it is a great start. This course, combined with Youth Protection Training and the Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)course, will make you an “fully trained” Scouts BSA leader.

Scoutmaster-Specific Training is available online at, so you can complete it in 10-minute modules during free time. You can also take the course in person; an advantage of doing it this way is you’ll be able to ask questions of and get feedback from an experienced Scouter who has been in your shoes before. Since Scoutmaster-Specific Training is only a half-day course (roughly 4 hours), you’ll often see the in-person version combined with the Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) Training course to make the most of your valuable time.

When is this training available?

The online version of Scoutmaster-Specific Training is available anytime through the Training section of

The in-person classroom version of Scoutmaster-Specific Training is generally offered in the fall and spring in different areas of our council (the “council” is made up of 5 counties we serve in Central Texas; the council is split up into geographic areas called “districts” along school attendance or county boundaries). We try to schedule the in-person courses to be available right around the same time as our fall and spring recruiting periods, so that as new adults join Scouting with their children, they can get trained as quickly as possible.

Where is this training offered?

You can take the online version of Scoutmaster-Specific Training by logging in to (if you’ve never visited this site before, you’ll need to click the “create account” button and then follow the instructions; have your BSA membership ID number handy).

The in-person classroom version of Scoutmaster-Specific Training will require you to go to a physical location within your district, or there may be a course offered at the Vance D and Mary Raimond Scout Service Center (6912 W Expressway 83, Harlingen TX). It may also be combined with an Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) Training course. Since the course is usually offered by multiple district volunteer training teams, there’s a good chance a course will be offered at a Scout meeting location near you.

What is the cost of this training?

There is no cost if you take Scoutmaster-Specific Training online through

If you take the in-person classroom version, there may be a small fee to cover the cost of handouts or other class materials.

How do I sign up for this training?

You don’t have to register to take the online version of Scoutmaster-Specific Training through; just log in and start taking the class modules.

The in-person classroom version of Scoutmaster-Specific Training will require you to register online so that the instructor will know how many handouts and other class materials to have on hand. Visit the council calendar on our site. You will get a an overview of training courses open for registration.



Council Training Chair

Roger Mantony


Arrowhead District

Michael Hall


Arroyo District

Volunteer Needed


Rio Bravo District

Volunteer Needed


Tip-O-Tex District

Eric Guerrero


Ada Trevino


Bonita Schraut