2024 Rio Grande Council Events list

2024 Council Events

2024January5Vigil NightCherie Camacho
2024January12Vipers Scout NightChristine HickWhitman Bodden
2024January19-21Winter OrdealCherie Camacho
2024January26-28NYLT Weekend 1Ada TrevinoMichael Hall
2024February3Report To StateMolly Mejia
2024February10Upper Valley Pinewood DerbyMichael HallMartin Knecht
2024February16-18NYLT Weekend 2Ada TrevinoMichael Hall
2024February17Lower Valley Pinewood DerbyRick Legere Send EmailDavid Travisricklegere@aol.com
2024February29Silver Beaver Nomination Form to Submit
2024March22-24Cub Scout RodeoLuis Miranda Send EmailMike Huerta Send Email
2024April5-7OA Lone Star Fellowship
(Section Conclave)
Cherie Camacho Send EmailSection Event
2024April13Commissioner CollegePaty Garcia Send Email
2024April13Annual Recognition Dinner
2024April19-21Wild Wild West CamporeeLuis Miranda Send Email
2024April27UT-RGV Baseball Scout NightChristine Hick Send Email
2024May3-5OA Spring FellowshipCherie Camacho Send Email
2024June23-29Camp Perry Summer Camp WeekGabriel Rodriguez Send Email
2024July29-3NOAC (Boulder, CO)Cherie Camacho Send EmailNational Event
2024August9-11OA Ordeal WeekendCherie Camacho Send Email
2024September13-15International CamporeeTony GarzaAlonzo Alvarez
2024September21Wood Badge GatheringAda Trevino
2024October12Fishing Tournament & AwardsRoger Mantony
2024October25-27Cub Scout SpookoreeMike Huerta Send Email
2024November30OA Indian Lore Pow Wow Set-upCherie Camacho Send Email
2024December6-8OA Indian Lore Pow WowCherie Camacho Send Email
2024December26-30Winter CampOscar Garza
This listing is subject to updates